Engine 1 is a 2012 KME Rescue Pumper. Engine 1 not only responds to fires but BLS medical calls, motor vehicale acidents and a wide variety of rescue and HAZMAT calls. Engine 1 seats 5, has on board 1250 gallons of water and 20 gallons foam.

Rescue 3 is a 2017 Dodge Ram. It seats 6, and responds to BLS medical and motor vehicle accidents. It also serves as the departments INCIDENT COMMAND POST.


Rescue 1 is a 2007 Ford F-350 that seats 3. Rescue 1 responds to any and every call for emergency service. It carries the jaws of life, rescue jacks, rope rescue bags, as well as EMS equipment


Tanker 1 is a solid 2001 FL70, it carries 2000 gallons of water and responds to all fires in our district it also has the capability to draft water when there are few water hydrants. Tanker 1 seats 3